Tuesday, February 09, 2010

NEXT UP, SPRING! The Abundance of Nature

Anonymous 17th-century watercolor of the Semper Augustus, the most famous tulip bulb, which sold for a record price. (Source: Wikipedia)

I think the whole idea of tulips being insanely expensive and used for cash is fabulous. At one point 12 acres (5 ha) of land were offered for a Semper Augustus bulb. Thus we are treated to the amazing abundance that is SPRING! Yes, I swear it is coming. I've planted some lovely bulbs and they are starting to peak out. Of course there is the pile in the garage I forgot to plant so I put them in a pot and we'll see what unfolds. Also out my office window is a very old cherry tree that is starting to bloom! LOVE IT! We call it Pinky and it has been with us for probably thirty years or more. Thank you Pinky, for sharing your beauty with the birds and my cat who climbs up there to visit the birds, and our entire family.

In the meantime I have used the winter to write write write and I am positive there will be good news to share soon. THERE WILL BE BOOKS!

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