Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suzanne Macpherson's Blondie Blogs!

Of all the Blondes in all the cities, she has to show up here. Suzanne Macpherson here, blonde or blonde-like author of upcoming book Hysterical Blondeness! This book will be uprooted and land on bookshelves everywhere by Sept 1st! ~ www.suzmac.com

Well lets see what we can dig up for a little bloggyblondeness here.

How about a series of very interesting Blonde and Talented people. We'll just play in the Blonde Box ~ that's Miz Clairol to you, honey.

Just to display our intellectual side, we'll invite the author of Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth in Our Culture ~ Natalia Ilyin

But first, Be Blonde, Be Bold- Be the first to BlondieBlog!