Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suzanne Macpherson's Blondie Blogs!

Of all the Blondes in all the cities, she has to show up here. Suzanne Macpherson here, blonde or blonde-like author of upcoming book Hysterical Blondeness! This book will be uprooted and land on bookshelves everywhere by Sept 1st! ~ www.suzmac.com

Well lets see what we can dig up for a little bloggyblondeness here.

How about a series of very interesting Blonde and Talented people. We'll just play in the Blonde Box ~ that's Miz Clairol to you, honey.

Just to display our intellectual side, we'll invite the author of Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth in Our Culture ~ Natalia Ilyin

But first, Be Blonde, Be Bold- Be the first to BlondieBlog!


Terri Garey said...

As a proud blonde, I'm honored to have stumbled on your Blondie Blog on its very first day of inception! Long live L'Oreal! Vive le Clairol!

Um... I don't have to prove I'm blonde or anything, do I? I could tell you the story about how I locked my keys in my car one morning while it was still running, and didn't realize it until quitting time... does that count?

I look forward to your first interview with interesting blondes, and if you can get Ann Coulter to talk about being an opinionated blonde in a man's world, that would be cool. :)

Suzanne Macpherson said...

Yay Terri! I will indeed look up Ann Coulter and see what's up. So yesterday I had to interview another set of subcontractors for my pain in the rear remodel and my 9am was this builder. I open the door and we're talking the GQ guy- the guy from Boston Legal, you know? The so-good-looking one? I'm sure my mouth dropped open. Of course he is young enough to be my son and ahem, not actually my type because you don't want a guy prettier than you. LOL Besides, I have my Man In Kilt. I considered whether he was too pretty to hire. LOL But he wasn't. If someone is going to tear down my ceiing it might as well be handsome Harry. --who was blonde. Well, I digress. The fog has rolled in and I must make an appointment to get my ROOTS done! Thanks for being the first, Terri!

Gabrielle said...

Well, I'm not blonde but I COULD be by next week, you never know!

Suzanne Macpherson said...

Hey Gabby! How is Pareee? What is the dominant hair color around town these days? And ooolala, what are they wearing? Hmm I taste a research trip coming up! Well I wish anyhow. I'm moving this week so I won't be going anywhere for a while. This is all giving me the Blonde Jitters! Suz

Suzanne Macpherson said...

Sugarplums and Scandals! Boy I have to say I tore into my author copy and have been reading my fellow anthology participants stories with glee. Not only that but after weaving a pretty complicated mystery into my upcoming books The Forever Summer, I have a renewed respect for how hard the mystery writers work! Heck, we can light a few candles, throw in a bottle of wine and some romantic music and basically wrap up our entire book in one scene LOL. but they have to skillfully weave all those threads into a tapestry!

Anyhow, I've got a holiday book at last: Holly Go Lightly, and now I'm sort of wishing it could be a full-length book! Might have to work on that. In other news, did my roots, chopped of half my hair and went to see Santa Clause 3--I'm a holiday Blonde! Suz

Suzanne Macpherson said...

BlondieMcBlog here, long time no blogging. Honestly, in real life there is little time for the bloggiest things in life. But I did get the cover for my new upcoming book The Forever Summer. It was---maaaarvelous. I'll try and post it.
Many blondes I know are seriously engaged in the business of reading and writing. Take Jenny Gardiner, recent winner of the very big deal RT American Title contest. I'm talking way cool stuff here- Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. Now here is the story. One day she and I got into a very fun conversation and then she told me her idea and I printed out her book on paper and took it on a trip-well I ended up making my husband drive the whole way and despite sand and tea and kids in the car I read the entire thing and loved every minute of it. Since then I've been her biggest fan! I was NOT surprised when she won the entire big fat contest because her voice is so unique and fun. www.jennygardiner.com check it out. A friend of mine won last year too- YAY for Gerri Russell! Ya for everyone. I'm feeling very very fond of all my friends today. Sometimes it is just good to know that no matter what kind of BS goes on out there in the world around you, there are friends that love you no matter what. YAY for GIRLFRIENDS! Oh and Yay for my wonderful husband and kids too.

What are you reading all you blondes and almost blondes out there? And what are your best friend stories?

TJ Brown said...

LOL Love the blog. Must run and get your book next time I'm out signing stock of my DEBUT book!

LOL! I LOVE saying that:)