Thursday, July 18, 2013

Amazon Features The Forever Summer for July/August- Cheaper than a Carmel Frappuchino

Amazon has Kindly added The Forever Summer to their Hot Summer Sale!  For $1.99 this book has everything~ a feisty ghost, a sparky romance, and a whole lot of comedy.  Best served with a slushy umbrella drink by the pool!  
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 From Booklist

Single-mother Lila Abbott, suffering empty-nest syndrome as her daughter starts college in faraway California, works as a grocery checker in Port Gamble. But when Emily Ruth Griffin drops dead after eating a sample from Lila's demo tray, and then haunts the store every Monday at the hour of her passing, Lila must use her ghost-whispering talent to set Emily Ruth at rest. Lucas Griffin just wants Emily Ruth to vacate the family summer home, but his own very publicly announced feelings toward his ex-wife/widowed sister-in-law (she seduced his brother while still married to him) make him the prime suspect in her murder. Lila doesn't believe for one minute that he did it, and she sets out to prove it, motivated by their mutual physical attraction. A neurotic produce stocker, high-maintenance Pomeranian, uncooperative police chief, and the requisite best friend/confidante round out the cast of Macpherson's contemporary romance set during one memorable summer in a small town on the West Coast. Welch, Lynne


"Macpherson succeeds in creating a romance that stands out from the pack. - Publisher's Weekly -- Publisher's Weekly

Talk of the Town~ for Kindle and Nook!

Happy Summer~ !  Take a look at my books on Kindle or a Nook~!

The RELAUNCHING of Talk of the Town and In The Mood !  
Only $2.99

These two books were two of my all time favorites to write.  Talk of the Town was actually the first book I ever wrote, which ended up being the second book I published (life works like that sometimes) with Avon HarperCollins under my wonderful editor Lucia Macro.  I loved my Avon years, and Lucia and I had a deep affinity for the quality of old movies and their characters.   I was part of a terrific group of women who formed a critique group in my early days, and they really whipped Talk of the Town into shape-- it took a village!   The real "Paradise" is a town I love named Lynden,  just over the Canadian border from Washington State.  Of course I took many liberties with the setting.  The names of the shops are all from my childhood on Bainbridge Island!  We had The Hen House, Esther's Fabrics, Yeackel's Shoes, The Lemon Tree, many of the shops and businesses listed in the book. And then of course- I love weddings and really could I have crammed any more into one book?  If you've never read this book, it is full of humor and absurd comedic moments, and some very heartwarming connections that change everyone's lives for the better.  I love that, don't you?

In The Mood was nominated for a Rita Award the year it came out.  Let me tell you the story of the awards ceremony.  We were in Reno that year, at the Romance Writer's of America convention. Being nominated for the Single Title Contemporary Rita is a huge honor- it's like being nominated for an Oscar in our world, and Single Title Contemporary in those days was "best picture."   I was in there with the best-  Jenny Cruise, Barbara Freethy, Nora Roberts: the big girls!.   I had a fairly good idea I wouldn't win but I hung in there through the entire ceremony as we were the LAST award. I had worn through any cocktails I'd had to take the edge off , and was down to twisting my hair into dreads.  My dear editor, stuck with her author on Rita Call, toughed it out with me.  For some reason the awards were three times longer than previously experienced, and we were a wreck before they finally got to our category.  And the winner is. . . Jenny Cruise!  Well, I had literally been one of Jenny's biggest fans for her entire career, so I honestly was barely disappointed- it was her first time, and the book was marvelous.  I sent her a funny card with two little girls at a pageant with one looking peevishly at the other-- which she took with grace and laughter.

So here they are, back for round two for Kindle and Nook!   Have a fun summer giggle for the cost of a short drip coffee at Starbucks!  Cheers, Suzanne