Thursday, February 11, 2010

England Swings

Have I mentioned my never-ending love affair with England? As I was brewing up my very special young adult book concept, I armchair traveled all over the U.K.. The minute my book is picked up I am booking my flight to London and catching the train to Salisbury to follow in my heroine's footsteps!

The first picture was painted by John Atkinson and captures some of the feeling I've come to treasure about England. In some ways my northwest area is very similar to the U.K.. I certainly know that damp, gray rainy feeling! But I also love it. The gratitude one feels for the return of the sun is quite striking. The memory of spring, the beauty of the countryside, the houses and people, all weave a special spell for me. Perfect setting for a book about~~ reincarnation.

I've been so pleased to receive so many fan letters from the U.K. and beyond as Little Black Dress continues to release all my books, repackaged and spruced up. We had to go through each one and tweak some of my very American language. The editors at L.B.D. were just the kindest most lovely people to work with. Hopefully when my Y.A. comes out it will be a big hit in the U.K. too!

My young adult book is about my heroine's strong pull to return to England, and Salisbury in particular. There is a choral arts school there- The Salisbury Choral School, that delighted me every time I read about it. The cathedral at Salisbury is equally amazing to study.

Here's to Spring in Salisbury~

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