Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer in the Country

My affirmation today is that everywhere I go I am surrounded with coolness. So far so good, despite our record heat!

I am amazed at my 16 year old son's ability to create beautiful friends and their beautiful waterfront homes to hang out in. I consider it a sign of things to come. Way to go son!

I am immersed in the writing of Kathryn's story, which is truly the most fun I've had in years. I love hanging out in the forties, then back to present time, and--beyond! Some of the best research I've done has to do with trains and architecture, where my design background rises up. In design school I fell in love with the history of art and architecture. I had a great teacher who was filled with passion toward the subject. And isn't that just always the case, when someone is filled with passion about a subject, it lights our fire!

The photo is Queen Elizabeth in her debutante, pre-queen days. Life is just a sparkling gown full of possibilities right now!

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*s* said...

I was wondering what you were up to! Looking forward to reading your new genre.