Thursday, August 14, 2008

Answer: Reinvention, Resurrection, Resurgence! Question: What do Romantic Comedy writers do to insure their survival!

Wow I think I'm going to resurrect my Blog while I'm at it!

Lets talk about Flamingos. Have you noticed how flamingos are everywhere? Born in the Fifties, those creative pink creatures of plastic lawn fame? I mean hello, what's not to like about flamingos? Just keep that in mind, because flamingos are my new theme.

I just returned from San Francisco. My son Evan lives there and he knows all the best Chinese hole- in -the- wall places where we indulged in our mutual love of food in all forms. Seems like it was a whole Chinese/Italian flip flop thing every day of the week. The great news is Evan has decided to surrender to the fact he is a born novelist. He's soaking in technique and getting his groove as we speak. Its not much of a stretch, he's been a journalist for the last five years working for the Onion and San Fran Weekly, to name but a few. Evan is an iceberg of talent and I told him it was time to flip upside down and let his light shine!

And now back to our regularly scheduled life. Ta Ta for today!

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